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Rules for trades!

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Rules for trades! Empty Rules for trades!

Post  ArcticWarfare on Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:29 am

Please use the following rules:

All trades must be complete within 48 hours
It is not allowed for any account to obtain unfair profit out of a lower ranked account in a matter of resources.

This includes but is not limited to:

* Resources sent from a lower ranked account to a higher ranked one with nothing tangible in return.
* A player crashing his fleet into a higher ranked one for the higher ranked one to keep the Debris Field, and thus profiting from it.
* "Loans" that are not returned within 48 hours.
* Trades in which the higher ranked player does not return the resources within 48 hours.
* Players answering to a higher ranked player extortion by paying resources.
* Trades that mean an unfair profit to the higher ranked player by falling outside the following range of ratios:

3:2:1 Where each unit of deuterium is worth 2 units of crystal or 3 units of metal.

2:1:1 Where each unit of deuterium is worth 1 unit of crystal or 2 units of metal.

Note: If you unexpectedly receive resources from a lower ranked player, you cannot keep them. Contact your GO immediately and send the resources to the closest planet owned by a GO or by the player pushing you. any bannable pushing cases will apply 48 hours after the resources are obtained. Within this time, the appropriate GO should be contacted to arrange a potential solution.

Note: After a pushing ban is over you MUST send the resources back to the player who pushed you or to a nearby planet owned by a GameOperator.

Dont spam your trade over and over.

Post your offer in the correct post (Metal, Deut, Cryst)

If any of these rules are broken your trade will be rejected and deleted from this forum

Follow the rules and have some fun!

Just an update to the ratios of trade

All members under 25k please use the following: 3:2:1

For all other members please use the following: 2:1:1

This will be the standard for the alliance..unless both side decide to use other ratios.
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